A dream to have a secondary school in Barangay Cabarian has long been nurtured by the
community folks and this noble dream came into reality in 1980.
       The concerned Barangay Officials passed a resolution to open a high school. This was
supported by a list of prospective first year enrollees. This resolution, being reasonable and
feasible, was strongly endorsed by Mrs. Socorro Romero, the head teacher of Cabarian
Elementary School, where the high school classes would be housed. Their efforts were not in
vain for this was approved by Mr. Jose Ravalo, the Schools Division Superintendent, Division of
       Cabarian High School was born. It opened its door to 55 freshmen and one teacher, Miss
Mercy M. Ogayon. During the last four months of the school year, the assistant principal fell ill.
She felt that the school will not grow, so she prepared a recommendation for closure. The
teacher- adviser was requested to submit the letter to the Division Office, but through the
advice and moral support of Mrs. Aurora Encisa, ASDS, the letter was not forwarded to the
higher office. Miss Mercy M. Ogayon, now Mrs. Mercy O. Alapad, worked out the pertinent
papers for the request for second year. Former Barangay KagawadAngel Raborar,
KagawadCristobal Leyco and the Barangay Secretary Esteban Balaguer were very supportive
and helped Miss Ogayon convince the students to enrol as Second Year since the parents were
hesitant to enrol their children because of the rumor that the school would be closed. Due to
illness, Mrs. Socorro Romero, the Assistant Principal, died. Mr. Wilson Raborar was designated
as the Assistant Principal and Miss Rosario N. Naritowas assigned as the additional teacher.  

       The following school years were regularly organized. This was supported by the teacher,
PTA ,  Barangay Officials and the Teacher- In- Charge of Cabarian Elementary School
supervising the high school. The school progressed steadily and the enrolment was increasing
every year. Additional teachers were also hired.
       The greatest impact in the history of the school was during the school year 1988- 1989
when the New Secondary Curriculum (NSEC) was implemented. This was the start of the free
Secondary Education in the Barangay High School. Because of tremendous increases in
enrolment, two additional teachers were hired. Mrs. Mercy O. Alapad was designated as
Teacher- In- Charge.
       Side by side with the implementation of the NSEC was the nationalization of all Barangay
High Schools. This meant that 100% of the teachers’ salaries and other benefits shall be
provided by the government. This was the start of the allocation of Maintenance and other
Operating Expenses (MOOE) for the school. The budget depended upon the enrolment of the
school and was utilized to purchase school supplies, payment for TEV, seminars, repair of the
school buildings and other needs.
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